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Congratulations! You have taken a fantastic step into the world of Multi Sport.

This guide should answer your questions and help to make your triathlon a Great Experience!

What to expect in a Triathlon

The Swim

All of our swims take place in a Heated Swimming Pool. You will be given a start time when you register based on your estimated swim time and you are required to be on the poolside a minimum of 10minutes before your swim time.
When on the poolside you will be allocated your lane and swim order.

Swimming Hat: is an essential piece of kit as it helps you to go faster by lowering your resistance through the water and is normally a rule of the Swimming Pool.
Goggles: help you to see where you are going and prevents your eyes from getting sore.
Tri-Suit: is a fast drying piece of kit which you can wear throughout the whole race.

Transition 1

Transitions are referred to as the 4th discipline in Triathlon, getting this right can save you seconds or even minutes off of your total race time.

Transition 1 is where you come from the swim to go out on your bike.

You will leave your shorts, t-shirt, shoes in the Transition Area with your bike. Some people prefer to change in the Changing Room which is perfectly acceptable but please be aware that the clock still ticks on.

Bike Shoes: If you are not wearing socks it would be advisable to put some talc into your bike shoes to help prevent blisters and to help get your feet into them quicker.
Helmet: Put your helmet on and do it up before you touch your bike — this is a rule of British Triathlon. You then push your bike to the mount sign before you climb on your bike.

It is worth practicing this transition before the event.

The Bike

This is an essential piece of Triathlon Equipment so it should be fully roadworthy.

Helmet: You must have an approved helmet to race. No Helmet — no race!
Bicycle: Your bike needs to be in good working order and roadworthy. If you are not sure you could drop in to Primera at 244 Charminster Road, Bournemouth for a service.
Eyewear: It is advisable to wear cycling glasses to protect your eyes from grit, flies and other debris.
Bike Shoes: Unless you already have specific cycling shoes your trainers will be more than adequate.
Drink: There will not be a drinks station on the bike course so it is advisable to take a light squash or water with you on the bike as a mere 2% drop in your hydration can affect your performance quite dramatically.
Puncture Repair Kit & Tools: Sometimes the unexpected can happen so it is worth being prepared, the Results Van does a sweep behind the last cyclist, so please don’t worry you won’t be stuck in the middle of nowhere!!

It is advisable to drive around the bike course prior to the event so that you have an idea of where you are going.

Transition 2

Transition 2 is where you come off of your bike to start the run. You will dismount your bike at the sign and push your bike back to your space in the Transition Area.
It is imperative that you place your bike back before you undo your helmet — this is another British Triathlon Rule.

Shoes: If you have cycled in bike shoes you will now need to change into your trainers. Some talc and elastic laces will help make this an easier process.

The Run

Once again it is advisable to drive the run route so you can pace yourself appropriately.

Shoes: Ensure you have run in your shoes before you take part in the Triathlon.

What to wear?

You will need to wear a swimming hat in the pool with either your Swimsuit or Trisuit for the swim.
For the cycle and run you will need to wear comfortable shorts and a T-Shirt which you will need to attach a race number to the front and back, or you can use a Race Belt which you can attach the numbers to which will allow you to layer up or down with your clothes. Race belts can be purchased on the Merchandise Page for £6.00p.

Race Day Kit Checklist

You can view an ideal Race Day Checklist here.

Preparation for your Triathlon

You can view a list of points to help you prepare for your Triathlon here.

Triathlon Etiquette

You can view a list of guidelines of Triathlon Etiquette here which will help to make your first event an enjoyable one.

A few rules

Our races are sanctioned by British Triathlon and each race has a British Triathlon Referee who ensures our races are run according to various regulations. There are a few rules to be aware of on your first Triathlon which you will aid you during your Triathlon career. You can view an abbreviated list here.