Ringwood Triathlon Sunday – DATE TO BE CONFIRMED


600m pool swim, 28 mile bike through the New Forest, 5 mile run.

To participate in this event, you are required to become a member of British Triathlon and hold a race licence. You must either become a Core or Ultimate annual member here or purchase a single use Race Pass for THIS race here.

Only people who are female sex at birth are eligible to compete in the Female category. All individuals including transgender people are eligible to compete in the Open category.

Unfortunately this event has had to be postponed, please contact us and we will let you know the new date when approved.
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For Adults 17+

600m pool swim, 28 mile bike, 5 mile run.



Please note – that without a full BTF Licence or race pass you will not be insured to race on the day.


Ringwood Health and Leisure Centre, Parsonage Barn Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1PX
A plan view of the  Centre layout is available to download here.


Sunday – 0610 – 0650

Transition will close at 0715

Please arrive an hour before you are due to start racing, to ensure you have time to pick up your race numbers & timing chip.


The first swim wave will commence at 0700, please ensure you are on poolside at least 15mins before you are due to start swimming. Swim waves are determined by your swim time for 600m, please be accurate with this.

The 600m Swim will take place in a 25m Heated Swimming Pool.
You are required by the Centre to have showered prior to entering the pool hall and to wear a Swimming Hat on the 24 length swim.
We will have Lap Counters who will endeavour to notify you when you have 2 lengths to go, but it is your responsibility to count your lengths.

Maximum time allowed for the swim is 40mins.


Transition layout can be viewed here.


You are responsible for completing the run and cycle courses, no excuse can be made for marshals who fail to do their job or signs that may be removed.
If you do not complete the covered route you will be disqualified and no discussions can be entered into.


We operate a zero tolerance of litter at this race. Anyone reported dropping litter on the course will be disqualified.
For this reason there is NO aid/fuel station on the bike route. Competitors are therefore advised to carry their own drink bottles/gels etc.
If you are unable to carry empty bottles or bar /gel wrappers etc back to Transition please drop them with a marshal.
You are in a National Park— please respect the environment!


The Cycle Event takes place on a well marshalled and signed route, please be aware that there are cattlegrids, free roaming horses, cows and donkeys on the roads in the New Forest.
We strongly recommend  that you have familiarised yourself with the route prior to racing.

Maximum time allowed for the cycle route is 2hrs 30mins

The Cycle route is available here.


  1. No Drafting – a 7metre gap must be kept from the cyclists around you. If overtaking a slower cyclist you have 30 seconds in which to complete the manoeuvre.
    It is the responsibility of the overtaken cyclist to drop back and maintain the 7m gap once the faster cyclist has his or her wheel in front.If you are, in the opinion of the draftbusters, deliberately drafting and seeking to gain an advantage you will be issued with a 10 minute time penalty. Drafting is a“judgement” call – the draftbuster does not have to notify you at the time of your penalty as this could compromise road safety. If you are reported twice you will be DISQUALIFIED.
  2. Cycling next to another cyclist is forbidden. (-see above)
  3. If you are not overtaking keep to the left hand side of the road allowing faster cyclists and traffic to overtake you.
  4. On A-roads do not cross the centre white line. (DQ)


The Run route is available https://www.plotaroute.com/route/339945

Maximum time allowed for the run is 90mins


We are delighted that Ringwood Brewery is our event Sponsor.


All competitors will receive a Race Memento.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes for Male and Female will be presented after the last competitor crosses the finish line.


2011 – James Gillfillan 1:52:41
2023 – Helen O’Neile 2:07:32


  • We will have overall times for the Adult Race available to view on the day.
  • The Adult Results with split times will be on the Results Page of the website by Monday Lunch time.