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All of our events are run under the rules of British Triathlon.

To see a full list of the rules please visit

Race Numbers

One number must be worn on the front and one on the lower back. Numbers must not be folded, cut down or mutilated in any way.

Cycle Helmets

BSI, ANSI or SNELL approved helmets are compulsory and must be worn throughout the cycle section. They must be fastened prior to removing your bike and neither undone or removed until after returning your bike.


No riding is allowed in the transition area at any time. You must run with your bikes to the mount zone and on your return to transition dismount in the zone before entering transition. Check out where the mount and dismount lines are prior to the race.

Cycle Conduct

Competitors must make sure that their cycle is in a safe & roadworthy condition. All competitors must keep to the left & overtake on the right. Please take note of signs & obey MARSHAL INSTRUCTIONS.


During the cycle section competitors must not take pace behind or beside another competitor or vehicle. You must be 5 metres behind the front wheel of the competitor in front, apart from when overtaking there is no side-by-side riding. When overtaking you must pass the competitor in front within 30 seconds.

It is the responsibility of the cyclist in front to drop back once the over taking cyclists front wheel is ahead of hers/his.


The following infringements will result in disqualification:

  • Abusive Language
  • Breaking road traffic regulations
  • Dangerous conduct/riding
  • Failing to obey marshals or the police
  • Nudity
  • Outside assistance
  • Unsporting impedence
  • 2 x drafting violations
  • Course irregularities (short cut)
  • Tampering with other competitors equipment.