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Withdrawals Policy

In the event you decide to withdraw from this race.
We will issue a race credit if notification is received 6weeks prior to the event which will be valid for 1 year.
If notification is given less than 6 weeks before an event we will not issue a race credit.

Terms & Conditions, & Disclaimer

1. I am in good health and compete at my own risk

2. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure I am fit to complete this event.

3. I have read and understood the withdrawal policy above regarding this event

4. The event organisers and their associates are not liable for any damage, claim or expense

which may arise as a consequence of my participation in these events.

5. I understand and agree to abide by Highway Regulations at all times. Roads are open to
traffic during the event.

6. I declare that I will abide by the rules of the British Triathlon Federations and agents and I
agree it is my responsibility to know and understand these rules.

7. This is an outdoor event and is therefore at the mercy of external elements beyond the
control of the organisers. The course may be affected by (but not limited to) extreme
weather, road closures, flooding, accidents and other incidents and changed at short notice.